Dream and Hustle

The Dawn of a New Beginning

Sunday, August 20, 2023

If you are reading this article, you are reading from the new Toshikiso platform quietly launched over the summer. The launch was unexpected and forced as our cloud provider, Azure, cut off our services because the card on file expired and we end up losing critical data at a critical juncture. Luckily, we always backup our data and was able to recover all but two articles – I have those articles on my desktop and will republish soon.

The new platform is an evolutionary step forward, something you don’t see among brothas and sistas claiming they tech. Everything is available right now, just like this article – blockchain, graphs, event sagas, content and media management that are building block components. With over 700+ low-code functions, I cannot really describe the full capabilities in a paragraph or two.

Completed in Japan

What I can share is the value we are creating. First, many of the readers are aware I wrapped up the majority of code while in Tokyo. I was coding on the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka in the green car – basically a luxury co-working space to concentrate and enjoy the views of rural and mountainous Japan. I worked from coffee shops with fine Japanese chicks literally sitting next to me because they saw me into my work and wanted to be next to that energy. I recommend anybody reading this blog to go to Japan and do exactly what I done – go there, sit down and pop open the laptop and put in planning and work for your goals, perfect place for it.

Reconsidering Retirement

We are in a changing world. In the 20th century, the goal and path of many is to work, save, retire. But we saw the outcome of this scenario which hardly turns out great for anyone. People work and get no recognition for their contributions. People saved money but 2008 wiped all those savings out when people lost their jobs, homes and lifestyle. Retirement – they raised the retirement age to 72 when the life expectancy of Americans is 77 and the life expectancy of a Black man is 71.8. So, when you retire at 72, you just have 5 years of retirement and Black men on average will pass away before they are eligible for retirement.

New Paradigms of Digital Nomads

In the 21st century, the paradigm is shifting for those who are on top of things. Content creators realize they can create value and, in most cases, create residual revenue from their works. I have stated over and over I can re-write all of my Dream and Hustle content for the rest of my life and monetize it because some of what I wrote is reusable and can be retrofitted.  People realize they can move to Thailand or Lisbon and have the same quality of life at a lower cost with digital access to create value. But the biggest is the use of machine learning and generative AI to help produce value on behalf of a creator to create value and revenue.

Designed for the 21st Century

Toshikiso was designed specifically by me to meet those 21st century new paradigms. We want to make it more efficient and easier to be digital nomads and passport bros by providing tools to enable that lifestyle. Micro-entrepreneurs and small business operations can automate or operate with low-code features that were once expensive or needed high-paid talent to create they can now do for less. We are even scalable enough to run institutions and local fiscal micro-economics for regions around the world.


Think about PZR009 our new content platform – people can create original or generative AI content and receive a distribution of the revenue generated from subscriptions and advertisement. We can automatically index their content to be search, we can distribute their content and even translate the content into different languages and create collections to sell as a bundle on their behalf – a lot of backend work but technology now enables someone to use PZR009 as a digital nomad revenue mix to pay for their lifestyle.

New Revenue Streams

In addition, someone starting a business in the hood can receive crypto/cash donations similar to super chat donations for live streamers. There is no rule that only products and services is the only revenue – donations can be given to a business just to pay for content for example as long as it reported as income, the only restriction. The made-up norm rules about revenue channels and running an operation and planning for retirement will be uprooted in the 21st century and Toshikiso is well positioned for the paradigm shift.


I want to thank those that supported me. Real work and building up is not exciting or flashy and won’t get the clicks or views like the fakers trying to sell claims for fame. I lost a lot of people who I thought would be there for me on this journey. But I want to make sure there is one truth and fact that is never going to be denied. I want to personally thank Wei, Yuan, Rin – these women who were very supportive of me and what I was doing since the beginning and jumped into the pit with me during adversity or just encouraged me with support.

The Future

Right now, I will personally be cycling through the processes of Toshikiso with only Early Adopters having early access at the moment. We will create a wider Early Access program very soon to help identify and correct any issues before we quietly go worldwide with the platforms. PZR009 will be our maiden product launch to help support the content economy for digital nomads and passport bros.

A lot of folks out here want to establish themselves by creating a resume of the past. In the 21st century, you are going to see a dawn of a new beginning – where we are constantly writing the future through the use of generative AI and machine learning to keep creating new value over and over. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide