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Passport Kings Not a Black Community Debate, It’s a Black Man Decision

Monday, January 23, 2023

In the 21st century, Black America is going through a massive revolution of permissionless progression. Black individuals are making big bold moves without permission from the Black community. 

The gatekeepers who try to contain the Black narrative to package for the White liberal doctrine to showcase Black people the way White liberals want us to be seen are running into revolutionary headwinds. The fight for the control of the Black narrative is returning to the hands of the individualist revolutionaries away from the central planning and gatekeepers of Black identity. 


That is the big picture of what is going on and why the Passport Bros conversation matters. There is nothing more hilarious and revealing than going on TikTok, typing in “passport bros” and looking at all the bittered, angry Black women spitting their vitriol against Black men who are choosing to get passports and go overseas to meet alternative women. They even went far as to do a TV talk/debate segment with that one simp newscaster brotha in Houston where they had no brothas on the show, just two angry Black women talking about how they are disgusted with Black men, wow…lol. 


The hatred and bitterness are real and these sistas are showing up how much they hated the good brothas all along. The knives are all out! The brothas suspected something was up with the sistas – walking around with stank attitudes. Crazy eyes twitching when she sees a good brotha who did everything right walk around smiling. Got her mobile phone to her head walking around brothas trying to avoid us, like we want to desire a standoffish sista in our house to come home to – yeah, that’s our desire right there, you sistas with this crazy mental stank attitude got us all figured out. 

The sistas are out there on a campaign to try to take down the passport bros. The bitter sistas are making accusations that the brothas are going overseas to find a submissive Latina woman. These jilted Black women are claiming that brothas are going overseas to have sex with foreign women. The Asian-hate-spouting natural Black females are claiming Southeast Asian women are uneducated and unsophisticated to the passport bros travel intentions. Then they lie about a brotha getting kicked out of Brazil among threats to his life because of questions he was asking the women down there. 

Let’s give the official response to this that the sistas are ignorant and uneducated about in their rage of bitterness. First, American Black men know full well that Latina women are not submissive. The biggest thing that turns a Black man on is hearing a Latina woman cussing him him out in Spanish, we dated enough Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in high school in New York, Chicago, and Boston to know how Latina women carry themselves. So yall sistas can keep that “looking for submissive Latina” BS lie to yourself, brothas and Latina sistas have been in relationships together for nearly 100 years here in America in case you forgot. 

Now let’s talk about going out of the country to have sex. What’s the problem here – a brotha cannot go to Brazil or Colombia and sleep with the women down there? The sistas got rules and restrictions on who a brotha gets to have sex with now? When was this law passed? I can tell you the worse country and ladies I know in real-time and that is America with African-American women. Yeah, you heard right – I get a text/phone call from a sista telling me that she got an AirBnB and throwing a lifestyle party – where she and her girlfriends and selected brothas show up and we bros can f*ck them all, all night. That’s Atlanta and our own sistas. The hotels around Lenox mall were notorious where the same chicks were renting the same room doing Backpage – you want to talk to me about South American sex tourism overseas again when I live here in Black Atlanta, my sista? Hotels and Airbnb near the Atlanta airport for fly-ins, are you sure you want to call the kettle black, Ms. Pot? 

This last point is the good part – the sistas are acting like they can “advise” or “lecture” the Asian women on these Black brothas with passports. My sistas, how dumb are you? Number one, these Asian women have been dealing with Black GIs since the 1920s – that’s 100 years of Asian women and Black African-Americans having relationships – these Asian women know the Black man just as good as you, if not better because these Asian women had Black military men with stable government income to pick from outside military bases in the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and so on. 


Sista, let’s cut the BS – you sistas are not going to educate or lecture any Asian woman about Black American men when you broadcast yourself as less than a modest woman. Asian women see African-American sistas on these reality shows and watch you sistas the same way we watch Jerry Springer with condescending judgment on these low-frequency losers fighting and being angry over petty stuff all the time. We brothas have conversations with Asian women and they tell us they watch these reality shows and angry mean-spirited Black women for comedy. You American sistas don’t have the standing nor the platform to lecture any woman anywhere. As if an Asian woman is going to listen to you sistas – we brothas know better and lol on that. 

Most Asian women are grounded in Zen, Buddhism, and Islam which are very peaceful and modest religions, that’s something you sistas have to keep in mind. They don’t act like you sistas and don’t respect how African-American sistas carry themselves. If anything and this is going to hurt your feelings sistas – these Asian women and their modesty transform Black brothas to realize how a woman should carry herself in the context of a relationship. One of the things I hear all the time from brothas is he didn’t realize it’s women in this world that know how to connect with him, something American sistas don’t know how to do being negatively judgmental, chasing Pookie and Ray-Ray and listening to filthy music that no Asian women would celebrate – there is zero equivalent to Megan the Stallion or Glorilla in the Asian women community – billions of Asian/Arab/Indian women, no such type of music genre among them. 

One more thing – the most important point to keep in mind. Asian women are sovereign to their nation, you African-American sista are considered a minority in America that is discriminated against and structurally held back having to ask for funding and a chance. Make sure you American sistas know where you stand before trying to be condescending to an Asian woman because there is a big economic/access difference between them and you. 

So let’s sum up this article and make sure there is a full understanding among the Black community. There is nothing to debate in the Passport King movement – this passport travel for an alternative chick is a decision taken by Black men. He owns his story and creates his narratives. The Black man does not need your permission, your approval, or your acceptance of the moves he makes in the 21st century. 

You sistas getting this angry and bitter at the passport bro movement is revealing and show how you always felt about your own Black men. All these bitter angry sistas posting toxic rage on TikTok are exposing her mental health issue of her self-hatred of her Black man and her anger management issues. There is not going to be any fight by Asian or Latina or Arab women competing with you over the Black man. The angry feminist bitter sistas posting that toxic nonsense on TikTok already helping drive brothas to get their passports and driving move qualified good brothas with money to global women overseas. 

Black Enterprise magazine does not determine the global Black entrepreneurial movement. Joy Reid does not determine Black political sentiment and the rise of ADOS identity. Robert Smith does not determine who is who in the Black tech scene. And you sistas do not determine what a good Black man chooses to do with his d*ck and his dollars. 

The passport movement is the Black man's decision to leave these stank-attitude American sistas alone and find something better – that is a statement being heard around the world. When brothas made the decision to not put with toxic relationships, that’s when you see real true colors and real intentions of those, we suspected were opposition – our own sistas. So we are going to see more and more brothas realizing they going through what other brothas going through and they going to get passports as well to expand their option.

As a Black man, I can tell the sistas there is nothing she can do about the passport bro movement. I personally have put up with too much BS from sistas in general. Just too much pre-judgment, she was angry that I’m doing good and doing way better than that Pookie she thought was going to hold her down long-term. When I started my entrepreneurial effort, I saw so many sistas and simps show up trying to gaslight and put doubt on what I do – I knew something was wrong here. 

Once I went overseas to research and develop my business, I was running into so much intelligent Asian, Indian, Arab, Latina, Afro-European, and African sistas who vibed with what I was doing and gave me blessings and encouragement. That’s when I knew there was better and that is what the passport brothas are going to discover. 

Once the passport bros see the quality women out there outside the USA – let me make something clear – brothas don’t have to “pay for it” – those Asian and Latina women want long-term relationships, want their biracial babies and have their children grow up in America. Once the passport bros see what I have already seen, he not going back. That’s where I’m going to end this. 

What is the American sista trying to do now that the American brothas are saying let’s get passports and move on to something better? Do the sistas think being bitter on TikTok is going to make a brotha run back to her? Do the sistas think gaslighting about what will happen to brothas to scare him (trying to scare a grown Black man, ok sistas, whatever) going to make him stay in America and put up with the BS he feels is coming from his own sistas. Why are sistas even having a conversation acting toxic and bitter and broadcasting their negativity to the whole world on TikTok? What is the sista angle here? 

We are entering an era of permissionless innovation and progress, a turning point in the Black community. We are witnessing a global version of the Great Migration. Black retirees choose to move to Ghana instead of moving back to the American Black community that is full of crime and self-hate. Black entrepreneurs moving to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dubai, Lisbon, and Mexico City to launch unprecedented international business operations without permission from the Black Chamber of Commerce. 

And we got Black men, good Black men with money, and young Black men trying to find their way in this world going out to get passports to find a good woman somewhere else instead of putting up with the stank attitudes by the sistas. See, once a Black man gets that passport and travel overseas, there is nothing to argue about, nothing to debate. That brotha is not even going to pay attention to American sistas anymore and doesn’t care about her negativity because that brotha knows what a better woman for him looks like and he doesn’t need anybody's permission for his pursuit of happiness. 

It's a wrap. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide