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Her Attitude and Mouth Got Her Facing a Future with Pookies and Pets

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The American sista really did it this time – too far gone, no way back. Let’s be frank about the gravity of this situation - our sistas in the 21st century wrote a check her ass can’t cash in the global economy. The sad part is our sistas was so comfortable attacking her own Black men, she failed to realize chickens come home to roost.

The Passport Bro movement grew rapidly not because of the brothas, it grew rapidly throughout the Black community due to the sistas and her toxic reaction. The Black community we see right now is quietly mumbling everywhere about quality Black men getting their passports and abandoning the American Black woman altogether as his first option for a wife and companion.  

The Black community is in an uncharted paradigm shift that does not look good for sistas, no matter how she tries to run her mouth. If anything, the more toxic and shaming these sistas try to do against her Black men, the more she is creating irreversible damage to her status and identity on the 21st-century global stage. My biggest concern is the sistas do not appreciate the gravity of her situation to the point she better do something about this, fast and immediately.

The Passport Bro movement premise was that Western men had basically given up on Westernized women as being too woke, and too toxic to pursue any further. I remember as a young man in Chicago – these two ugly feminist sistas with bullrings in their noses were on local TV and media complaining about men approaching them on the subway – you know, the Red Line from 95th to downtown on the South Side.  

If you don’t mind, let me share my history and experience – I met beautiful, fit, and friendly Black women as a young professional Black man going to and from the 87th station in Chicago all the time in the 1990s.  Sometimes I run into someone I knew from college or high school, or we waiting at the train station in close proximity and I say hello and she smiles back and says hello. Or more commonly, met a sista I saw at a club or gathering at the 7 am rush hour or 5 pm rush hour train. Or even better, an empty seat next to me and a fine sista get on the train and she chooses to sit next to me on the ride downtown.

Now we had these two ugly feminist sistas on TV that no Black man would even give the time of his day, talking about they are being harassed by men approaching them on the CTA. That was when things shifted where these ugly rejects were allowed media access to start painting a negative toxic narrative of Black love in our community as a people.

Now let’s look at our modern times with social media and on TikTok – we got the ugliest ass sistas I’ve seen in my lifetime running their mouth on camera about us Black men and the moves we make. That fugly chick in the photo above is definitely a Black girl tragic – she looks like a Hope County Montana Bison on Far Cry 5. What bar or club has this Wildebeest been at where the everyday brothas were buying her drinks? Where?!

The problem is not these anti-Medusas that will turn a man into an instant erectile-dysfunction victim upon sight; it’s that the real sistas out here we brothas interact with didn’t speak up or say a damn thing. Imagine an ugly brotha step to us brothas talking about Black women; we would shut that clown down in the barbershop right then and there like we going to choose another dude word over the sistas we are fated to be mated.

The turning point for sistas being comfortable saying negative and toxic stuff is when she got comfortable talking about the Latino and Asian chicks the passport bros were going to seek. The one sista on that podcast show on YouTube said these foreign women are illiterate, uneducated and poor and that’s why they accept American Black men. That comment was the game-changer for Black women as we know it.

The Filipina community as well as the greater Asian community and pockets of Latina women picked up on that one Black woman comment and it went viral around the world. That one comment by that sista on that podcast show was being reacted to all over the world in newspapers, TV news segments, and reaction videos on social media. The damage was spreading worldwide and the image of American Black women was being exposed for her toxic behavior and nasty mouth. The worst part is these sistas thought they were going to take down Auston Holleman in Brazil when this one sista calling Filipina women uneducated and illiterate caused more damage to Black women around the world hundreds of times greater.

What I’m seeing right now as the fallout is not pretty. First, all the American sistas did was make these foreign women check American Black men even more because they see it as an opportunity to get a BBC membership. That’s what we hear from Asian women when a brotha walk by nowadays in Asia, they say BBC and it throws us off and we get embarrassed - I heard it one time in Japan walking at night. Second, every Black man who privately dealt with Black women's negativity saw how widespread the toxic culture around Black women was and just gave up on sistas altogether.

I’m seeing with my own eyes and feel the atmosphere as well – Black women know that she lost her Black man and he is going around the world to look for anybody but an American sista. Black women know Latina and Asian women don’t have the same level of respect for a sista anymore and they see the undertones out here in the streets. Brothas don’t even check for sistas like that anymore and I don’t either because American Black women are bad for business – you cannot run and expand the global empire without Asian and Latina chicks so I got to dump the toxic assets off my books, my sista.

Black women are going through some really awful times, don’t let her lie to you. Black women are being snatched off these streets and being sexually trafficked on a frequent basis. Black women are taking the brunt of layoffs from digital transformation and outsourcing jobs. Black women have a high eviction rate with the housing market and landlords not accepting government assistance when someone moving from New York is willing to pay $2600/month for an apartment that was $1200/month last year. Her vote doesn’t matter – Black women love to stand in line at the polls wearing chucks and pearls to vote Democrat then watch Joe Biden give billions to Ukrainian women, and migrant single moms and support MIAKA brothas with the very same taxes Black women paid into the system.

Do you know the saddest part of all? Black men of my generation used to care about Black women when she was talking toxic and harmful and ranting and raging. Nowadays, Black men 100% don’t care about anything a sista does or has to say. These Black feminists be posting all kinds of negative stuff online and the brothas don’t even care- meaning her words are ineffectual and going nowhere. I know the reason why the brothas don’t care, is because they found other chicks who are treating them better and found a better lifestyle outside the USA altogether.

Now, let’s go back to Tokyo, Japan – I wait at the Shimbashi, Roppongi, Ueno, and Yokohama train stations for the subway train and I’m dressed business casual during rush hour. Dozens if not hundreds of beautiful, professional-dressed Japanese women come by and look at me smiling and I nod, stand next to me long enough before I ask them a question we already start talking and I get her contact on the Line app to meet later for coffee cake at Mister Donut or Tully’s. Even at the café, I’m on my computer at the table and Japanese women sit right next to me and start working professionally comfortably around me. I personally see better, I know better just like all the passport bros running around.

Let me tell you a story. Back in America, I was at the supermarket grocery shopping when I was in the same aisle as a sista. I accidentally dropped my passport out of my pocket and she saw it. But she saw something else – I had my Global Entry card in between my passport pages and it fell out of the passport on the floor and the sista saw that as well. She looked frozen and I got down picked up my passport and my Global Entry card and just chuckled while nodding my head saying “Yeah, I’m really doing some global entry my sista, yeah I’m doing a lot of global entry outside of this country” and carried on.

See, the brothas don’t even care no more and once the brothas don’t care – the American sistas got nothing but a pile of negativity and toxicity she has to carry by herself. She got no one to blame for her predicament except herself and believes that being negative was a path to progress somewhere in this world – it isn’t. Instead the sistas have alienated herself and no one is taking her seriously anymore. They see these sistas for who they are – condescending, racist against her own womenkind, and toxic.

Now the sistas can look pretty all they want but no one checking for her. Now she has to face a hostile world with no protection and has to fight this upcoming economic downturn with no good men to come in and double up with her. All she got now to look forward to is Pookies and pets but that is exactly the future she deserve by the way she carried herself or allowed the ugly sistas to speak for her in this toxic manner.

I honestly don’t know how the sistas will save themselves except through a serious mea culpa exercise with her Black men. I’m seeing sistas withdrawing or acting like she got nothing to say to a brotha but that doesn’t change any environmental conditions of me having a nice Latina woman I met on Buford Highway or I’m meeting a professional Japanese chick on the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka.

So, for real, you sistas better figure out something because having Quan playing video games when you come home from work and your cat named Fluff-Fluff meowing for some food isn’t the flex you sistas thought it was when you decided to crap on your own Black men and insult those ladies overseas.