Dream and Hustle

Do What’s Best for You, Black Man.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

As a true seasoned Black man, I have reached the level of attainment to realize what been going on towards me since I was a child. I had vision and goals since I was young but looking back, one thing that I overcome and had me upset was the number of Black people and this so-called “Black community” trying to pull me down and push dogma and fake Black identity orthodoxy.

Now that I’m here and it’s time to pay it forward, I realize I cannot forgive and forget those who cross me the wrong way. In the hood, I made victims out of opposition and even those foes became colleagues later in life, we understood the game we were part of. But when I got out of the hood, a lot of clown ass Black people, brothas and sistas started showing up talking any kind of way, acting any kind of way at a brotha trying to reach it to the top.  

One of the biggest events in my life of pure betrayal and disloyal was my interaction with Black women that I have to face with reality and objectiveness. I have watched good brothas and myself focus on building our education, skills, and manhood up so we can be good husbands, good fathers, and good members of our community – a lifelong journey and path of any man moving towards his primal purpose to provide and protect his partner, his family, and legacy.

I remember Black women from childhood to today, telling me and other brothas we got to drive Range Rovers and make six-figures to even get her attention. Tell us brothas, we need to move from our own momma house and have our own place and be in shape and all that stuff. Brothas were already moving in that direction because that is their purpose and self-interest to do so if they want to be a man.

Here is what happened to me and those brothas – we made it, we got the yayo, we going places, and we building big things up. I see the posers out here but I recognize the real as I move around the world with the real brothas doing it – most of you are not even in the zone to see these calibers of brothas. But let’s answer the question.

The question is what was the sistas doing while telling brothas to work on his come up and manhood? She was out there screwing Pookies, getting pregnant by deadbeat punk ass brothas, getting into debt trying to appear like she some independent Black woman, drinking, getting tattoos and eating up that Black feminist bullcrap – that’s what these sistas were doing in the same timeline while we good brothas were establishing our manhood.

I’m in my 50s – anybody running around saying Black women don’t crack – whatever. All I have around at my age among sistas are emotionally damaged, undisciplined, and confused and dangerous children, fat, wobbly, diseased, wigs, face all cracked up and they wearing stretch pants to show off whatever booty she have left when her belly and jelly rolls are deducting from the shape. That is how sistas looking and trust me, look around – do you even see sistas in their 40s and 50s really all that? No, I don’t.

I go to Lenox and Phipps here in Atlanta and see the truth – real brothas who handled their mess and got options to support a family but none of these sistas are qualified or worth pursuing. Then I see sistas trying to look fancy but a brotha can look a sista straight in the face and see what she hiding behind the “Black Girl Magic” façade and see a woman that engaged in cheap, shallow sex with low-quality dudes all her life and have not built up any kind of lovable and mature soul – want to complain about eating at the Cheesecake Factory. Ain’t even networked at her job and the first to get laid off and be at the unemployment office for that $175/week check.

Now we got beta brothas who have to hustle his community, pandering to these women and trying to shame us Black men to accept these Black women. Those brothas better take that nonsense somewhere because cats get laid flat going around other brothas talking up mess, that’s all I’m going to say. I don’t build my life up to hear some punk-bitch ass brotha I’m already have the mindset to put down if he act a clown, telling me who I date and what I should do when I put in real work to be a real man.

From Dream and Hustle inception and interacting with some brothas online, I realize we have a FF mindset among modern Black men. FF means f*ckboy-follower where they following Tariq Nasheed, Boyce Watkins, Umar Johnson and reading books like 50 laws of Power and not doing a damn thing on their own personal growth and development. Some of these guys are in their 50s still supporting Tariq Nasheed laughing at his mess, and they don’t have anything on their own – in their 50s! We all know Black men can barely make it to qualify for their Social Security.

Then you have the Passport Bro thing which I will address in a future article, I’m overseas and see clueless ass brothas who don’t have a foundation to move around the world and just walking around looking confused. Some of them will see me overseas and won’t even look up and say anything – they just traveling around and using Tinder only to get messed over instead of having organic charisma to find a chick overseas.

Here is what I’m going to do and I’m at the age I don’t have time for games anymore. You brothas focus on your growth and development and build yourself up. Put yourself in the gym, eat right, take time to study hard and put yourself in environments that promote your growth and development. Get yourself away from these BS Black folks that are not trying to see another brotha make it.

You got these embittered sistas who hate good Black men because she spent her life giving it up and validating bad Black men. LOL, her life experience is getting pregnant by a dude avoiding $85/week child support payments – leave that garbage ass chick where she at and don’t mix her up in your manhood pursuit.  

You got brothas who got to resort to quasi-religion like Black Hebrew when their enslaved great-great-grandparents and their ADOS legacy did all of this without having God to choose them, they some confused clowns and sellouts to their own bloodline and ADOS ancestors. Just be on the ready if they even think about coming around you talking any kind of way on how to be a Black man when they haven’t done mess but prop up some Black nationalist ideology and no real work – nationalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

What I want you brothas who put your head down at the college library and researched business books while studying your other courses is to cash your chips in the right spaces. We going to talk about this in 2024. I want you investing in yourself, I want you traveling and experiencing other cultures, other women and look at all your options and rewards like that Platinum credit card you got. I want you to release and cutoff anybody who slighted you, gaslighted you and doubted you, especially in the Black community.

Trust me, all of them want you now Black man but you saw how they acted when you was working on the way up to manhood. Plain language – screw them, this was really all you and the grace of God. You go find the true reward of your work out here.

I will sum it up but we will talk in details later. Invest in tools and assets for your security and secure your future growth and development with your money. The two top women in the world that handles empire-level hustles for a Black man are (1) Chinese national (2) East European such as Ukrainian. Everybody on some mouth-talking bullcrap and when you move around the world, you will see exactly what I’m talking about and don’t sleep on their shape and body – they built better than the sistas if you know where to look and how to look.

I don’t take mess from anybody in this world anymore at my age and stage and not playing anymore. No brotha or sistas is even allowed in my zone because they always got some BS to bring to try to “take me down” because they not comfortable with my dreams and my hustles. They get in my way and I will address that situation, don’t ever doubt a brotha over 40 years old on these things.

I want to take time to thank all the brothas out there like me who stayed in the books, stayed at the library, stayed researching. There was plenty of times where a chick wanted to give me some but I had a midterm exam I had to pass the next week and focused on improving myself for this day and moment I’m living right now.

Brothas, go celebrate your work and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You don’t owe nobody but yourself in this world and God blessed you, this is all you. 


Ed Dunn

From Chicago West Side to Worldwide