Dream and Hustle

Black Chicagoans Keep Voting Democrat Like Stupid Sheep get the $51 Million Replacement They Deserve

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

I mean, look around brothas and sistas, all of this nonsense we have been on as Black people here in America is going down real fast. All the dumb things we did as a people thinking it wouldn’t come back on us, all of it coming back with rage on us. See, when African-American make decisions and choices based on emotions, then they should expect an emotion-less response by our opposition leveraging our weak-minded emotion-driven mindset to plot and take us down as a people.

Over in Chicago, the city where I’m from and I grew up in LeClaire Courts housing projects and the West Side of Chicago on Pulaski and lived on Cottage Grove so you can take your simple ass somewhere if you think I’m not Chicago enough – I lived in Oak Park when my money got right, yeah go take a seat and let a real brotha from Chicago finish talking.

As I was saying before I was interrupted, Black Chicago is being heavily divested and the plots thicken. Grocery and retail stores are pulling out of Black communities because so much stealing and getting over on refunds and chargebacks were going on. Black Chicago did not even realize these essential stores were operating at a loss since they opened up and offset their losses with more profitable stores they owned. Black Chicago thanked these stores in their communities by working to get over instead of support.

With that said, who is going to move in and support the Black community in Chicago after Walmart, Target, Sav-A-Lot, and Whole Foods left and abandoned? Who? Now why would I or any other Black entrepreneur want to invest a dime in Black Chicago again? I mean, they cannot even maintain businesses in their community to serve their essential needs to eat, who going to invest in someone who cannot even secure their own ability to eat?

But the core underlying is the politics – Black people over and over just like voting for Democrats and get nothing in return. Every damn election cycle it’s always some emotional nonsense being sold to Black people with threats. Democrats say Donald Trump doesn’t like Black people – who did Joe Biden pardon versus who Donald Trump pardoned when it came to Black people? Donald Trump commuted Kwame Kilpatrick's sentence, didn’t he? So again, Black people don’t vote on facts, they vote on emotions from fear, inspiration, and motivation while every other group get tangibles.

Our people always want to start dancing like coons, shucking and jiving all the time and we always hear some loudmouth mammy laughing out loud in the background. But when it comes to being serious about our situation and the demands we need – these coon emotional Black people quiet up and try to look at the brotha and the sista wanting better for our people with a dirty look to shame and discourage us asking for anything that serves our interest and betterment.

Our people keep voting for Democrats like sheep and then want society to feel sorry for us. Over and over, we hear about something that happened in our community and it always goes to the core issue – Black people elected someone based on emotions, and that person once they get in office serves themselves off the back of Black people. Nothing is being solved in the Black community and they tell us after we voted that Obama is not the president of Black America, he is the president of all of America.

The Chicago City Council with newly minted Black mayor Brandon Johnson just approved $51 million in funding to help migrants coming into Chicago while the Black community who actually votes and going through the roughest moments in their lives. You know, $51 million can do a lot for the West Side and South Side of Chicago and the people who live there. You can do Universal Basic Income with $51 million and get instant positive results; can create trade and business incubation centers; implement better security systems and a lot more things with $51 million.

Do you know the funny part? That $51 million funding is only for 30 days of supporting the migrants. This is what sheep-voting Black Chicago gets and deserves for voting Democrat all the time. Always voting based on emotions and getting nothing in return then watching as everybody else get money for their problems while Black America is told to sit down and suck it up like the chumps they are.

Look, I don’t have a problem with migrants seeking asylum in America, especially from Venezuela – that’s a future wife for a passport bro or a brotha looking to find an alternative to these toxic sistas we got in our community. Sistas want to crap on good brothas who make decent money, even over six figures, and think she got the biggest booty in town, she hasn’t seen what those Venezuelan sistas got as a package.

I get ambushed by Venezuelan sistas all the time and that’s why I'm at Goodwill pretending I’m shopping to run into a few of them. A brotha can learn some Spanish, teach her some English, help her get a real professional vocation like learn to code or become a nurse, raise her child she brought to America and make some more babies and have a nice, friendly, and fit woman in his life. They can get established in Colombia or Mexico City if they want and make moves there.

I will be 100% - I have zero problems getting with a nice fit, friendly Venezuelan migrant chick and she can get a card in her name to shop and we traveling around the world visiting places with her curly hair, nice hips, and behind in that one-piece bikini. Champagne bottles up in France and Louis Vuitton shopping eating poached eggs and pigeons in Paris – hey, you sistas thought you knew the brothas with money and flex out here, right?

That’s all in a passport bro grand scheme of things – migrants being funded with $51 million of Black Chicago taxpayer money, sounds good to me. I stopped keyboard typing to rub my hands together with a smile on my face at that prospect – thank you Black Chicago for funding that $51 million for the passport bros to find a Venezuelan chick right in his backyard at South Shore high school.

We are seeing over and over signs of rapid destruction of Black communities and Black spaces. The majority of our hits are from self-inflicted decisions that Black people have made over the decades. Disrespect and disdain for Black Excellence while supporting thugs and negative Black media. Stealing and sabotaging grocery stores in the Black community there to help feed Black people then getting mad when they close up shop. Go to malls in the suburbs instead of supporting Black-owned businesses in the community. Black women betraying their Black men for some government cheese and Section 8 housing. We can go on and on about all these decisions that we are now seeing manifesting in our destruction in real-time.

Let’s be honest – our people are going to stay stuck on stupid until the wheels fall off and the game is over. They going to shuck and jive and collectively react emotionally and never operate in their best interest. They going to keep voting for Democrats like sheep over and over again. The Democrats are going to take the Black vote and support every other group of people except Black Americans.

At some point, these migrants are going to need jobs and need housing - they going to be more hungry to go out and get theirs than entitled, Democrat-voting, disrespecting good Black men group of people we have currently in our community. That means people move in, others get pushed out. I hope Black Chicago enjoys their involuntary future living in Joliet, Rockford, and Gary.

What you and the rest of the smart Black people need to do is get off a sinking ship because we see it going down fast. Get your passports so you can get your visas. Move somewhere with cheap nuclear energy to create a digital enterprise to support you and your lifestyle. Don’t go down with the rest of these fools, save yourself, Black man and Black woman.