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Passport Bros – The Definitive How-To Guide from a Real One with Receipts

Saturday, June 3, 2023

There are 3 types of people – those who know what’s happening, those who don’t what’s happening, and those who are making it happen. The Passport Bros are making it happen and the Black community as we know it today cannot handle the revolution.

In May 2023, it was being reported worldwide the dramatic increase in numbers of African-American brothas showing up in places around the world from Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia. While I was in Tokyo, I ran into an unusual number of brothas walking around and about exploring their way around Tokyo, way more than I encountered before. It was actually kind of weird because Black people were almost all over the place and that includes Black couples as well as Black women.

Overall, we are witnessing a 21st-century paradigm shift in the Black community that was already manifesting but now becoming critical mass among Black American men. The shift is for a Black man to set up a global passport strategy in order to save himself from a Westernized society that seeks to have Black men set up as marginalized and emasculated.

When a paradigm shift happens, people get scared and they want to try to derail or divert – no revolution can be diverted, once in motion, the revolution will manifest. Let’s talk about those who don’t want to see the Passport Bro movement make it but can’t do anything about it.

Westernized Black Women. The sistas in America for too long felt empowered to crap on good Black men. Westernized sistas are non-sovereign and cannot really run game in this world and is regulated to a minority status and a crumb-snatcher for the DEI checkbox. She hides behind corporate employers seeking DEI posturing, Federal Government assistance, and allies with groups who want to use her to take out Black men as heads of households. If Passport Bros align with other women outside of the USA, it basically marginalizes the Black feminist movement and agency based primarily on attacking Black men. Brothas finding and marrying other women quickly extinct Black American women as we know it. Trust me, sistas are very scared and the way they act out on social media reveals to the world her vulnerability.  

Black Nationalists. These are the pro-Blacks who have been running a charlatan game of promoting a concept of Black Unity, Black economics, and Black pride if you donate a few dollars to their Cash App account. The thing about Black Nationalists and their con game if you didn’t notice is they wanted Black people to stay perpetual victims and if you think about it, that’s a pretty evil motivation worst than any racist out there. The Black pastors need Black folks to think of Jesus only in the afterlife to keep them tithing hoping for the day their dead body in a casket will be honored in the church they attended. The Black Nationalists transpose that same pastor-hustle concept to keep Black people thinking we going to create this Black Shangri-La of Pan-Africanism with peace, love, and soul among each other. If the Passport Bros move to a global scale as Black men, it marginalized the lightweight container model of controlling the mind and hearts of Black men by calling them victims and selling fake pro-Black hope as the solution to solicit donations for a mediocre Frederick Douglas school or a new Black Wall Street project.

Democrat Party. Many of you do not realize but the biggest and most current event we saw in Black politics was Stacey Abrams's run for governor. She actually had the numbers and the theory that she could have won the race. But Black men saw right through her – they knew that “wokeness” nonsense Stacey Abrams was on would not serve the interest and long-term goals of Black men and the overall Black community. Black men voted for the Republican who was pro-gun, pro-family, and pro-jobs. The sistas, well, they vote for anything and then sit back while other women groups get benefits and funding from a sista vote. Look at Chicago and New York – they bringing in fine Latina asylum seekers from Venezuela and Colombia for Black men to replace Black women with, you Black women voted for that and the Passport Bros appreciate it.

Simping Black Men. These are the so-called and self-proclaimed “Black Alpha Males” who want to be the men leading the community. The simps want to tell Black women what she wants to hear about Black men so he can have sexual access to these weak-minded sistas for his personal conquest. The Jaxn guy is one example of such a clown. Another example is Kevin Samuels who was a simp and we got simp brothas trying to be revisionists like Kevin was supporting the Passport Bros. No, Kevin Samuels was selling a lie about Black women getting high-value men when I have told them all that real Black men with money have access to big-booty chicks outside of the USA and will always go with that overseas option over some reformed ghetto-ass sista with a history of baggage and poor family planning decisions. The simps are local-based and their motivation is to hustle Black women like Steve Harvey, telling them what the sistas want to hear – that’s a million-dollar industry. If Passport Bros are out here chasing bigger-booty Latina chicks and flatter-booty Asian chicks as their love choice and preference, the simps cannot sell their million-dollar relationship advice from a car seat hustle anymore.

 All of these entities above know the Passport Bro movement is detrimental to their current status quo and they are visibly frightened by the prospect of brothas moving globally in this global economy to find love and scale up their opportunities. Black men needed to be controlled in a sandbox and if brothas move out of the sandbox to go play, these entities no longer have controlled oppression of Black people and the Black community via the Black man.

The 21st-century paradigm shift and code directive - all Black men should convert to SYSBM for their survival and their pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Every Black man should look out for themselves because you should see from your opposition listed above, no one got your back brotha. There is only one group out there that got your back.

The only ones who I learned had my back genuinely is my Asian girlfriends who supported the living sh*t out of this Black man's goals, dreams, and ambition. No one had my back more than them. I don’t give a f*ck what some jilted Black woman thinks or want to type in some bulletin board – that sista and whatever big man she hides behind can get it, I’m personally not playing with yall anymore and I know Passport Bros got the same feelings as well.

When it came to me and my journey, everybody over there standing at the finish line waiting for me to arrive before they start clapping while my Asian chicks were running the marathon beside me, giving me water and encouragement to keep going – all you better remember that sh*t because I don’t forget and I know who ran me with to the finish line. Black community over there talking broke side-hating sh*t hoping to tear me down and discourage me while I’m running with rich Asian chicks the past 10 years who wanted to see me win – yeah, who got the laugh on this one?

What the Passport Bros are pursuing, I already been there. So I know the whole journey and the pursuit the Passports Bro is chasing. So I will create this article as a quick summary for the Passport Bros on how to get going, get moving, and pursuit your journey in this revolutionary era.

First Priority is SYSBM. The most important thing is you need to realize how much danger you are in living in the Western world as a man. We have a corporatist zero-sum game theory at the macro-level going on to focus on women as docile consumers and men are just worker bees – we can argue Japan and Korea are models of this fated scenario if you look deep enough. You need to get out of this matrix and create a plan where you going to be free, at peace, and operate with a self-driven purpose.

Stop Acknowledging Negative Energy. Leave the American sistas alone, just write them off like a charge-off. The culture is too negative, too cheap-sex driven and the supply of Black women qualified to be quality wives is just not there. They have babies by deadbeats and thugs with the purpose of having the man out of the picture and living off government assistance as a single mother.  These sistas had an anti-man agenda and you need to remove yourself immediately from that toxic culture. Leave her alone altogether and keep it moving, brotha. Stop following YouTube charlatans and chatting with broke brothas that you know aren’t going in any real direction. All of this is no-progress toxic energy. Turn the TV off, turn the negative rap music off, and create a positive, goal-centric lifestyle around your health, financial stability, and peace of mind.

Start a Digital-First Business in America. This is the gap I see where early passport bros don’t make it. I told you over and over, it’s folks who just talking and gaslighting, and it's folks who got skills to take things to that next level. You going to need a revenue generator that can support you anywhere in the world. The best and most viable option is to start a digital-first business in America. You know the process to start a business in America so start a business where it is familiar to you. Create a digital service that people can administer through a web browser and maintain through an administration web portal from your web browser.

Work Remotely for Your Own Business. One of the things I can tell you now that I see others doing wrong is they move overseas and struggle to set up a business, or banking account in that other country. You will find it a lot more straightforward if you keep your American banking account or American credit card and just get a long-term visa or remote worker visa and live off your American accounts. You can convert to local cash currency with local currency exchanges and just live day-to-day but keep your real money in American accounts. Your business should be set up where you can log in via your web browser or an app. Work out of cafes and co-working spaces to meet and socialize with others. Establish an essential toolkit like WhatApps to communicate, Teams to hold video conferences, Slack to collaborate, and web services such as email inquiry forms and follow-up calls.  

Start Dating. Most Passport Bro videos you see on YouTube they are about walking the streets or the nightlife. This is not a real Passport Bro strategy where you meet a qualified woman from overseas. You want to proper woman overseas at a business center area where you meet in the lunch line or the café or at the subway train station. Dress business casual, carry a briefcase, and look like all the other workers in the country you are destined to travel. You will attract the real professional women in that country who are qualified to make moves with you and you can meet for a drink at the bar after work on Friday. It is important that you also keep a toolkit. Tinder, WhatsApp, and Line are the preferred communication tools. Avoid clubs, walking the market to find a chick. If you want to be honest, the best place to meet is right here in America at your college with international students, at your job with outsource workers who can entertain you visiting them in the Philippines, Senegal, or Spain, or at the airport where you flying to the country together.

You, Her, and the Family Legacy. The “Y” in SYSBM is the most important word – yourself. This isn’t about some popular Passport Bro on YouTube or TikTok or someone trying to lead the discussion. This is your personal journey and your life you are trying to pursue and fulfill. From time to time, you will see me talk about my love in Japan but she is not for public display, she is for my life and our future together as a couple. Also, keep in mind that Japanese and Korean culture is hard to date and is fragile because of long work hours and lack of work/life balance.  Meaning we can break up if the relationship is no longer viable or sustainable, especially with my personal and entrepreneurial goals. Your focus is not to talk to other brothas or hang out with other brothas. Your focus is to find your partner, your soulmate, someone who cares about you just as much as you care about her. Me and my Japanese chick already planning for traveling and cooking cuisines and thinking about our children. I do plan to spend my life with her or someone else just like her – that’s my legacy and what I committing my life goal towards.

The Passport Bro movement is revolutionary because it is a Black man versus himself kind of challenge that we never faced before. Black men are not going to be talked to or treated any kind of way by Black women or the Democrat Party anymore. Black men are realizing they have options instead of a sh*tty attitude Black woman, this system matrix, and the plantation and brothas will have to step up and pursue other options to achieve happiness and peace.

The world is moving global anyway and the Black community is devolving into self-destruction. Black men better figure how they need to position in this era of change. One thing before we go is the one I thing I will tell all Passport Bro and this is my final summary point for this article.

I need brothas to de-program themselves from the toxic Black culture they raised in. I want you to write down how you been treated by Black women where she was celebrating thugs and knuckleheads on campus while you were staying in your dorm studying to graduate. How these brothas want to act violent towards you and promote masculine overtures as competition instead of helping uplift you and working with. Watching media where they try to make you think and react emotionally instead of rationally. You need to accept you were exposed to toxic programming as a Black man growing up in America.

Don’t bring that toxic programming to that beautiful woman overseas that is smiling and truly love you and support you. Don’t let the sistas gaslight you with toxic narratives about that beautiful woman overseas. I love how sistas keep talking about she scheming for a green card – no sista, she actually lives in a developing economy and she can live a middle-class life with her Black man right over there outside of America. She and her Black man can live in Lisbon, Mexico City, Dubai, Bangkok, Tokyo and everywhere else except America, my sista.

Focus on a reset, changing yourself as a person to be the right kind of man for that beautiful woman overseas that loves you. Stop listening to negative rap music, stop watching bullsh*t on TV and create a new paradigm of yourself surrounded by positive vibes, learning new languages and cuisines so you can be the best man for that woman. You can start this right now. You not taking any Umar Johnson or Tariq Nasheed talking points to that woman overseas so quit that BS right now.

You have to change, if you are a Passport Bro and you want a woman good to you, start de-programming yourself so you can be a good man to her.  In my early days, I saw myself having ghetto responses in my head to how my Japanese woman was acting but I had to shut it down, sit back and wait and 100% my Japanese girl came back and the real reason was she was working hard or doing something intense and planning to accommodate me, humbling me to realize how much she was invested in me and us.

Start de-programming right now because quite frankly, I should have not seen a group of brothas walking around in Tokyo – big mistake. Instead, I should have seen each of you individually by yourself walking around as your own man on your own mission. So all this starts with you personally, work on yourself right now so you can be the best man for her, what she deserves out of you when you see what she will offer you as a woman.