Dream and Hustle

Why Sistas Should Consider Dating and Marrying the Migrants at South Shore High School

Saturday, June 10, 2023

In June 2023, I believe there is a pivot point for the sistas where she got to adapt or make a plan. There are a lot of things going on, especially in the Black community where decisions have to be made right now. We are looking at layoffs, digitalization, job outsourcing going on in real-time where humans are being replaced by machines and cheaper labor overseas. We looking at the return to mindless factory work and freehand work with mobile-driven gig jobs and e-commerce warehouse operations.

The biggest problem with sistas is her biggest boyfriend is slowly dumping her after 50 years – the Federal government. The Federal government came in and propose to the sistas to dump her Black man for some government cheese and public housing projects and welfare for each out-of-wedlock baby she has. The sistas took that deal in the name of Black feminism and start blabbing she don’t need a man anymore because the Federal government is subsidizing her.

Meanwhile in a parallel universe during the same time period Black women were dissing her own man – Asian immigrants were moving to America where husband and wife are both working hard setting up dry cleaners, Chinese food restaurants, and corner stores as merchant class to support their kids they made together to go to college off their sacrifice.  The immigrant women supported their husbands and operated in a family-first relationship where they built up a legacy for their children to inherit.

Let’s look at the result of Asian communities today versus Black communities – yeah, let’s look at what Asian women did for their families and communities working with their men. Let’s look at how thriving Seoul, Korea is right now and look at Vietnam as well as Cambodia which are stable economies. I can even include Nigerian immigrants and their families with traditional wives during the same period and how they were successful in America as well.

Now let’s look at the Black community today with these Black feminists that didn’t need her Black man, she got a stank attitude all the time and messed with Pookie and Ray-Ray to have babies to increase her SNAP benefits. Fatherless kids run around with handguns breaking into people's cars and shooting others or they themselves get shot by other fatherless kids. Whole Black communities deteriorating rapidly, empty houses or empty lots all over the place with no businesses. Yall happy to celebrate just one or two Black business people like Pinky Cole and Slutty Vegan while 100s of those restaurants pop-up in the Asian community every day. Our Black community has done nothing but got worse and worse.

Do you sistas want to tell us how good you have been doing again? Yeah, look at our community – you sistas sure you handled things? We actively have sistas daughters meeting dudes on the Internet and getting snatched up in Ohio for sex trafficking at a rural cheap motel in Mississippi or Alabama. We got sistas sons getting shot because another teenager call them opposition and pretended they own turf and have power because they have a cheap Taurus G2C in their waistband while at high school. Democrats take Black women's vote and support everybody else but the problems Black people are facing in the Black community.

Sista, you f*cked everything all up the past 50 years, so get the f*ck out of the brothas faces acting like you're special. Like the brothas supposed to give you sistas respect and thanks for going to the gas station in the Black community worried about getting shot by your kids. You sistas chose Pookie, chosen the liberals, the federal government, and non-profits over your own good Black man, and look at where we at today. Look at the African immigrants, and Asian immigrants where their woman stayed with her man and supported her family and didn’t rely on child support checks and federal benefits to raise their family to build up their legacy. Now look at our Black community – we can pull up a Korean walking video and pull up a Charlie Boi video from YouTube anytime you sistas want to lie to yourself.

Kevin Samuel was a relationship hustler and a charlatan and was not a passport bro and folks are lying to associate him with the movement. No high-value man ever wanted an American sista and Kevin Samuels knew that but wanted to hustle you sistas out of a consulting session to help you find someone who never wanted you. The passport bro movement contradicts Kevin Samuels whole concept by proving brothas with money and other high-value man wanted to get the hell away from American sistas the first chance and opportunity he got.

Sistas let me give you a little hint in case you didn’t catch a clue – brothas are bringing in African chicks, Colombian and Dominican, and Puerto Rican chicks to play the role of sistas in both entertainment and professional spaces – I think you sistas know that when Rosie Perez and Jennifer Lopez started the trend in the 1990s. Now we got Cardi B, Latto, LaLa Anthony and so on all up in spaces once slotted for American sistas. So that means you know full well, all of this divestment and replacement was going on long before the passport bros and long before you sistas started talking about divestment from us – brothas were already moving away.

I’m laughing at the pathetic attempt where sistas think she can shame men as if a passport brotha is going to see a chick in Colombia with a big behind and just going to fly back to America because he read nasty comments online by an American sista – come on, you not that dense in the head to believe toxic talk and shaming will work.

We are looking at a great transformation in the 21st century where everybody is arbitraging and not putting up with the economic status quo. Folks are not going to work fast food when Amazon warehouse pays more. Folks are not going to stay in high-tax California and New York when Florida and Texas have no state taxes. And brothas are not going to put up with stank attitudes, and toxic sistas when there are fit and friendly Latina women just a 3-hour flight from Dallas and Atlanta.

You sistas are the McDonald’s job and the San Francisco taxes where the juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore. You sistas don’t got options and choices except for the garbage low-quality men you deserve and were celebrating. The good Black man left and only an idiot simp would still be around accepting the toxic conditions and crappy Black neighborhood the sistas created instead of taking his chances with women and communities in Asia and Latin America.

You sistas have your options just like the passport bros – those migrants coming in at the border. You sistas can build up with them and humble yourself by starting on a clean slate. These men are showing up and being put on a bus and in your towns – you ask Jesus to bring you a man, look like Jesus brings these men in by the busload into the Black community.

No sista should be looking down on these migrant men, especially the ones at South Shore high school or Daley College. They are literally the good Black men we had 100 years ago that built up Harlem and built-up Detroit and Chicago by leaving the slave-era South and looking for better opportunities. Many of our grandparents or my mom and dad have already lived this story. My dad moved from Arkansas with his siblings to Chicago and my mom was already in Chicago going to Crane high school when they met, which is back in the 1960s. My mom raised the children in the household and my dad went out and earned money from having a factory job to losing it and doing freelance work.

Because in case you forgot, I specifically said a few articles ago I will take on a Venezuelan migrant and I can afford to wife her and just one of her kids right now. So only you sistas got a condescending attitude towards these migrants and you need to fix that nonsense right now. I dated women from other countries that went to Ivy League schools and fell in line with their husband raising their families as her most important priority and purpose and most of you sistas went to a public 4-year university and rocking a stuck-up stank attitude.

You Democrat sheep-voting sistas paid for these migrants to show up in America. You always ask Jesus for a man, and well there they are, sleeping at South Shore high school. Just like the Great Migration, the women back then supported their men coming up from the South with nothing and they raised a household together. Most of those men are Afro-Latino and have Black cultural tastes in food, music, and lifestyle, and have work ethics where they go out and earn.

You sistas can start over with the migrants the same way we passport bros start over with women from other countries. You sistas were calling those women broke but you knew once they got a high-value Black man, that “broke” woman overseas was not going to be broke anymore. Well, you sistas can do the same thing with these migrant men and raise your future families with them and support them to be the man, something you failed to do with your own men for the past 50-60 years.

Besides, you sistas paid $51 million of your tax dollars in Chicago to accommodate these migrants. So you sistas need to accept the fact that high-value brothas left you sistas for better pastures. You sistas need to look at stats that say American Black women are the least desirable on online dating sites. You sistas need to realize the same phrase over and over – it’s your nasty, toxic attitude – that’s what we all are saying over and over. So you don’t get a lot of options.

Those migrants may be the best option in town for sistas, better than dating a Pookie in the hood for sure.